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As your full service “outsource” marketing department, Red Rock can perform all of the traditional functions of an in-house marketing department – from writing your marketing plan – to developing the marketing budget – to designing and implementing the promotional and advertising programs called for in the plan – to monitoring the effectiveness of the programs.

Best of All, Red Rock Can Internally Produce the Marketing Programs We Recommend

Not every marketing company can make that claim. Not only can Red Rock develop your programs, but we can also produce the creative materials needed in the execution of those programs.  There is a tremendous value in maintaining a continuity in the development of your programs from concept through execution. No more “wasted time” re-explaining a creative resource what the marketing consultant recommended..

Red Rock Performs all of the Traditional Functions of an In-House Marketing Department


A Red Rock Marketing Calendar is complete with program details, dates and budget stats.

• Conduct Market Research
• Develop Marketing Strategies
• Create Effective Positioning Statements
• Compile Marketing Budgets
• Write Your Marketing Plan
• Design Collateral Sales Materials
• Develop and Implement Advertising, Digital,
Social Media, and Promotional Programs
• Manage Direct Mail Campaigns
• Manage Trade Show Activities
• Promote Media/Press Coverage
• Foster Good Public Relations
• Evaluate Your Marketing Campaigns
• Spearhead New Product & Business Development

……And do all this with out adding personnel to your staff!

Red Rock has the Internal Capability to Produce Creative Materials Including:

• Brochures & CatalogsRed Rock Collage (9-10-14)
• Sales Collateral Materials
• Point-of-Sales Material
• Source Premium Items
• Newsletters
• eBlast & eNewsletter Campaigns
• Print Advertising
• Radio Spots
• Video Clips
• Website Design & Management

We Have the Unique Talent Needed to Take Advantage of Today’s New Media

We have extensive experience in website development and management, eNewsletters and eBlast campaigns, and in producing interactive presentations that will enhance conventional marketing tactics.

Corporate Identity and Brand Identity

Finally, the creative mindset of the Red Rock Communications Team will produce slogans, tag lines, and logos that will catch everyone’s attention and make the name of your business or product more memorable in the mind’s of your customer.

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