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The Red Rock Vortex is our informative newsletter covering marketing topics of interest to business owners. You can click on the links below to view them or find them posted on Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter. If you would like us to send issues of the Vortex directly to your in-box, click here and let us know.

Vortex #10 – How are You Reaching your Customers?

Vortex #9 – The Story of the Old Gray Owl and Marketing Cost Deflation

Vortex #8 – Trust – The Building Block of Your Brand

Vortex #7 – Managing a Public Relations Crisis In a Social Media World

Vortex #6 – Social Media Marketing – The Importance of Branding

Vortex #5 – Obviously, the Obvious is not Obvious

Vortex #4 – How Do You Know It Was a Good Ad?

Vortex #3 – You Don’t Pay Me Enough!

Vortex #2 – Where Have all of the Eyeballs and Handshakes Gone?

Vortex #1 – Creating Your Elevator Pitch


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