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Red Rock has the tools to get your marketing done with little effort on your part.

Red Rock has the tools to get your marketing done with little effort on your part.

Just finding the time to translate your ideas into an action plan can be a management challenge.

 Let Red Rock Do the Work for You 

 •  We will listen to you, assess your situation and make a recommendation complete with cost estimates
 •  We can work in tandem with your existing marketing staff or completely independent of it
 •  We work on a project specific basis or on a retainer for full-time access

The Red Rock Approach – We Know Your Time is Valuable

We know how valuable your time is, how difficult it is to find the time to address marketing issues, and how important it is for you to expedite the marketing process so you can concentrate on the day-to-day management of your business.

That’s why we created the Red Rock “Tool Box” complete with  proprietary programs to help you quickly and professionally articulate your vision for growth. Once established, Red Rock will create an action plan specifically and uniquely designed to achieve your goals and finally create the materials needed to execute the plan.

Red Rock’s Project Development Process and Our Proprietary Tools

For smaller projects, Red Rock Communications has an expedited approach which does not require extensive research, evaluation and analysis. However, for larger projects, the developmental process and proprietary tools shown below can be a real time-saver and will produce superior results.

Step 1 - Get a Good Understanding of Your Business Situation, Objectives and Financial Realities

Our Team will meet with you and your staff to get a solid understanding of your business situation, objectives, and financial realities. During this phase we will review your firm’s existing marketing materials, define project objectives and strategies, and establish the marketing budget.

missionThe Mission Maker Series is designed to help you prioritize and identify various business-building initiatives. These structured yet creative exercises pinpoint effective solutions and formalize key operating strategies.

thunderboltThese highly creative, professionally moderated ideation sessions, conducted in a “brain storming” format, help you and your staff to think “out of the box” in order to generate innovative solutions to real problems.

Step 2  - Determine Your Strategic Point-of-Difference

In Step 2 our Team will take you through exercises to analyze your competitive marketplace and develop your unique point of difference using both qualitative and quantitative market research techniques.

Elevator PitchHow you set yourself apart from the competition is key to your success. During this session we will develop your elevator pitch – a short attention-grabbing statement that clearly outlines your point of difference and why your customers should favor your product or service over your competition.


This is your traditional SWOT analysis with a twist. During this session, we systematically assess your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats from both an internal and an external perspective. This  exercise is key in identifying objectives and in creating core strategies.

EvalulatorThis hybrid research tool combines qualitative and quantitative research techniques and is an inexpensive way to drive objectivity into subjective decision making.

Step 3 – Recommend the Most Effective Marketing Programs to Achieve Your Business Objectives

Our Team will meet with you and make our recommendations for the most effective marketing programs, complete with cost estimates, designed to achieve your business objectives. We will prepare an activity calendar to keep us on task and discuss evaluation and budget tracking systems.

Step 4 - Program Execution and the Production of Creative Materials

In the final stage, Red Rock will produce all needed creative materials and  supervise outside resources (creative, media, promotional companies and printers) as needed to implement your program(s).

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