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Red Rock Communications functions as an outsource marketing department for small-to-mid size companies and as a project-specific Marketing / Product Manager for larger companies.

 Why Red Rock?

 Red Rock Idea Light BulbWe are literally a one-stop shop for marketing services. In addition to providing traditional marketing services, we have the internal capability to produce creative materials – collateral, digital media and advertising materials.

Our Concept is simple. We believe it’s smarter to use your marketing dollars on programs that will grow your business than it is to spend your funds on supporting the overhead and administrative costs of an in-house marketing staff.  We are there when you need us but invisible when you don’t.

How Clients Use Red Rock

Our clients use us as their full-time Marketing Department or use us to complement their existing Sales & Marketing Staff when there is an increased workload or a special project. We provide our clients with a “turn-key” marketing capability. We will develop the concept, produce the materials, implement the programs, and monitor the results, leaving you free to pursue other matters.

What Red Rock Does

Red Rock performs all the functions of a traditional in-house marketing department – from writing marketing plans – to developing the marketing budget – to internally designing and implementing the promotional and advertising programs called for in the plan – to monitoring the effectiveness of the programs.

Our Clients

We work directly with private business owners and corporate management — the real decision makers. We don’t qualify our clients by the dollar size of their business or the number of their employees. Our clients want to grow their business and have made the commitment, both emotionally and financially, to go to the next level.

We have significant experience across many industries.

Whether you are a small company with limited resources or a large corporation with a special challenge, Red Rock can provide you with the marketing and creative services you need.

    We want to work with youContact us today for a free consultation meeting. (314) 645-0011

Let Red Rock Design a Marketing Road Map for Growing Your Company

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